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Hiking Pestera

Hiking Pestera – The experience of a lifetime

Located in the Piatra Craiului Mountains Nature Reserve, 10 km from Bran and 40 km from Brașov, the village of Peștera will certainly enchant you! The village of Peștera is located in a picturesque area, with narrow lanes that take you along unsuspected paths and where the view is spoiled by the crests of the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains. The road up to the village of Peștera climbs steeply and the scenery lies at your feet. The area is extremely beautiful, whatever the season or the weather. That’s why we invite you to book the Hiking Pestera trip. Here you will discover a new world, one you may not be used to yet.

Walk along the village lanes, look into the distance, take a deep breath of fresh air and rest! The colourful, domed hills contrast with the limestone peaks of the mountains surrounding the village.

Hiking PesteraThere is no better place to enjoy nature and fall in love with the mountains than at Peștera, in Brașov, perhaps the most beautiful village in our region. And that’s no exaggeration. Nothing compares to what you feel when you climb up to the paradise hidden among the mountains. There’s fresh air, peace and quiet, authentic country life, but above all, fairytale landscapes. For us, it remains one of the most beautiful trails we’ve ever been on, and we’ve been to many places in Romania so far.

Visit also the village of Măgura

Optionally, on the Hiking Pestera trip, you can choose to visit the Cave’s sister village of Magura. Located in the immediate vicinity, the village of Magura is a corner of the world that still retains its authenticity and spirit of yesteryear. The distance between the two villages is only an hour’s easy walk. It’s an easy hike, only good for giving you new views of the area. Landscapes of authentic beauty, wooden houses scattered here and there on the hills, animals grazing peacefully in the fields, people going about their daily business, narrow roads, clean air and lots of peace… This is the village of Măgura, a carefully painted picture framed perfectly by the ridges of the Piatra Craiului and Bucegi mountains.

Where to eat in Peștera village

The village is full of guesthouses, and sometimes you can hardly see a house on the main road. There is something for everyone. From a few dozen lei a night to several hundred. Depending on preference and availability. We have tried the food here and can say it is delicious. So, if you choose the Hiking Peștera trip, you can rest easy. We will take you to eat in the most popular and appreciated places.

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